🎲Game #1: DICE

Roll 3 Dices

To engage in the game, players must hold at least 1 Meme NFT. It's FREE to mint one!

What's this?

At the heart of the game lies the excitement of dice rolling, where users predict whether the outcome will be categorized as Big or Small.

This simplicity belies the intricate mechanics at play, as the result is determined by the roll of 3 dices.

A Small outcome encompasses values ranging from 3 to 10, while Big spans from 11 to 18.

With only two possible outcomes, the game inherently offers a fixed winning rate of 50%.

The magic happens when the outcome of each roll is influenced by two key factors: the price of LINK, sourced from the Chainlink oracle, and the amount of tokens wagered in the round.

// Dice Result = gameId + LINK price + avgBetAmount + diceIndex

For a more comprehensive understanding, players can delve into the intricacies detailed on our 'Randomness Source' page.

🎮pageRandomness Source

In the span of a typical game session, players are granted a generous window of 3 minutes to strategically place their bets on either Big or Small.

Once this betting phase concludes, a further 3-minute interval ensues for the system to diligently process and return the result.

Thus, each game session unfolds over a total duration of 6 minutes, encompassing both the anticipation of wagering and the exhilarating reveal of the outcome.

The ingenious amalgamation of future token prices and the volume of tokens wagered ensures that each game's outcome remains shrouded in unpredictability, cultivating an environment of fairness and transparency that resonates with every participant.

How to play?

  1. Buy $PAMP

  2. Mint FREE Meme NFT

  3. Go to game.pampdacoin.xyz/dice

  4. Connect Wallet

  5. Insert an amount of $PAMP to play (Minimum 5,000 $PAMP)

  6. Choose either Big or Small

  7. Approve token (You can approve one time, or approve each time)

  8. Hit 'Play' then wait for the result

1️pageBuy PAMP2️pageMint Meme NFT

Your Game History

Within the game history section, users gain access to a comprehensive record of their past calls and current bet statuses.

This invaluable feature serves as a repository of gaming activity, enabling players to effortlessly track their betting history and monitor their ongoing wagers.

By navigating through this meticulously organized archive, users can gain insights into their past decisions, allowing for informed strategizing and analysis of gameplay patterns.

Whether revisiting successful calls or reflecting on previous outcomes, the game history section offers a wealth of information to enhance the gaming experience.

With the click of a button, users have the ability to consolidate and claim all accumulated winnings effortlessly. This streamlined process simplifies reward retrieval, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for players.

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