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Your NFTs Page

On the 'Your NFTs' page, you'll discover a comprehensive inventory of all the Meme NFTs you own. Here, you can easily access the URL for each meme NFT.

Upon clicking on an individual NFT, you'll encounter three distinct buttons: Send, Sell, and Download.

Send Meme NFT

The Send button empowers you to effortlessly transfer the NFT to anyone you choose.

Simply input their address to initiate the process and share the humor of your memes with friends and acquaintances.

Sell Meme NFT

The 'List' button provides the option to promptly list the NFT for sale on Opensea, opening up opportunities for potential profit.

Download *JPEG version

Lastly, the Download button grants you the ability to download the meme in JPEG format, sized at 500x500, enabling easy offline access and sharing.

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