Frequently Asked Questions

Which device can see Pamp Da profile?

Both Android and iOS devices can view the Pamp Da profile, you just need to turn on NFC function and scan the card to view the profile.

However, only Android devices can edit profile.

What if I don't want to show my personal information in the profile?

If you don't want to display your personal information, you can leave it blank.

All information in the Pamp Da profile (except for the wallet address, which is fixed and always displayed) is optional. You can freely modify and decide which information to provide and which to leave blank.

I bought a Pamp Da Wallet card, does the development team have my private key?

Absolutely not!

Pamp Da Wallet is a Hard wallet or Cold wallet. For Hard wallets, the private key is directly on the card, and no one can have your private key unless they have the card. Therefore, be sure to handle the card with care.

In addition, the wallet address of Pamp Da Wallet will only be generated after you successfully activate the card, and activating the card only creates the wallet address, not the private key.

Why can't I perform trading operations on iPhone?

That's because iOS does not support cryptocurrency trading operations on Pamp Da Wallet.

All trading operations on the wallet as well as editing the profile can only be done on Android devices that support NFC function.

What will happen if I lose the card?

The physical card is the most important asset of Pamp Da Wallet. The card contains all the information in the Pamp Da profile, and most importantly, it holds your private key.

Anyone with the card has full access, can use it, and can perform trading on the wallet address of Pamp Da Wallet.

In summary, the physical card of Pamp Da Wallet is crucial because all actions of Pamp Da Wallet are carried out through the card.

What support can the Pamp Da Coin team offer me if I lose the card?

Well, all we can probably do is say "We're sorry."

We have no authority to intervene in the Pamp Da Wallet card. Therefore, if you lose the card, we cannot deactivate the lost card or restore it.

So, once again, it's crucial to emphasize the importance of safely storing your card.

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