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To engage in our games, players must hold at least 1 Meme NFT. It's FREE to mint one!

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A Complete On-chain Experience

Pamp Da Coin is dedicated to offering a gaming platform that operates exclusively on-chain, ensuring utmost transparency and reliability by sourcing all data directly from the blockchain and third-party oracles such as Chainlink.

This meticulous approach effectively eliminates any potential for data manipulation, thereby establishing a trustless environment where players can engage in gameplay and access results with unwavering confidence.

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No Profit From Games

In addition to our commitment to integrity, another cornerstone of our platform lies in our steadfast refusal to profit from games.

With the exception of a modest portion designated to covering transaction gas and oracle fees, we do not derive any financial gain from gaming activities.

By eliminating any potential motivations for manipulating game outcomes, we uphold principles of fairness and impartiality across all gaming experiences.

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Burn Token Progressively

Gaming on the Pamp Da Coin system plays a pivotal role in the token burn process, contributing significantly to the platform's deflationary model.

During each game session, a portion equivalent to 18% of the PAMP tokens contributed from the App Incentive Fund, as well as those wagered by unsuccessful participants, are permanently removed from circulation.

This deliberate token burn mechanism not only fosters scarcity but also progressively enhances the market value of the token over time, offering long-term benefits for token holders and reinforcing the sustainability of the ecosystem.

In essence, Pamp Da Coin's unwavering commitment to transparency, fairness, and sustainability sets a new standard in the world of blockchain gaming. By prioritizing integrity and actively engaging in token burn processes, we aim to create a gaming environment that is not only enjoyable and rewarding but also built on principles of trust and accountability.

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