🍯Game Pot

How $PAMP Flows From One To Another!

In Pamp Da Coin system, a pivotal component is the Game Pot, a dynamic pool that aggregates PAMP token from both players and the App Incentive Fund.

Each game session unfolds with a distinctive distribution.

Winners emerge triumphant, seizing 80% of the PAMP token meticulously gathered from all losers and contributions from the App Incentive Fund.

Moreover, winners are entitled to reclaim 100% of their initial investment, a reassuring aspect of the gameplay.

Integral to the platform's sustainability strategy is the deliberate removal of tokens from circulation. To this end, 🔥 18% of the PAMP tokens accrued from losers and the fund are systematically burned through the burning process.

This strategic measure not only enhances scarcity but also contributes to the token's deflationary characteristics, potentially bolstering its long-term value.

Furthermore, 2% of the amassed PAMP tokens serve a utilitarian function, earmarked specifically to cover network gas and oracle fees.

This allocation ensures the seamless operation of the platform, underpinning its reliability and efficiency.

The distribution dynamics pivot further in scenarios where participation is minimal.

In instances where a solitary player engages in the gaming session, they lay claim to the entirety of the reward pool, reaping the benefits of their solo endeavor.

Conversely, should no players partake, a series of predetermined actions ensue to safeguard the integrity of the ecosystem.

In such scenarios, 18% of the Pot's contents sourced from the app incentive fund are deliberately burned, symbolizing a commitment to maintaining token scarcity.

Simultaneously, 2% of the accumulated tokens are judiciously reserved to cover incurred oracle fees, safeguarding the accuracy and reliability of data within the platform.

The remaining 80% of the Pot's contents are carefully preserved, seamlessly transitioning to fuel the excitement of the next game session.

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