📊$PAMP Tokenomics

How $PAMP Allocated

Token Info

Token Allocation

  1. 53.5% Fairlaunch

  2. 26.5% DEX Liquidity (Locked in 🔒 PinkSale contract)

  3. 20% App Incentive (Locked in 🔒 PinkSale Vesting contract)

(*) NO TEAM, NO VC RESERVE, All for Pamp Da Coin community

App Incentive Fund Vesting

This is the fund for game incentive, locked in a third party vesting contract. The fund is gradually vested in 03 years.

Approximately 180,000,000 $PAMP (~0.018% Supply) will be released to game Pot everyday systematically (18% will be burned, 80% to game winners, 2% to network and Oracle fees).

This means only game winners can have access to this fund. Team gets 0 $PAMP.

[Update May 31, 2024]

90,000,000 PAMP from the daily release (~0.009% Supply) will be burned repeatedly and automatically.

🍯pageGame Pot

🔥 $PAMP Utility

🔥 NFT Utility

  • Hold at least 1 NFT to play game (DICE, ROULETTE, SLOT)

  • Hold at least 1 NFT to report NFT on the Latest Meme page

  • Sell to OpenSea

  • Send Meme NFTs to friends as a prank (it lasts forever)

Progressively Decreasing Supply Model

DD: Demand line

SS: Supply line

SS': Future supply line

P: Price

P': Future price

Q: Quantity

Q': Future quantity

With $PAMP, burning happens swiftly.

  • Whenever a user makes a purchase, 🔥 1% of the purchased amount is burned.

  • Conversely, when a user sells, 🔥 3% of the sold amount is burned.

  • During every 3-minute game session, 🔥 18% PAMP collected from losers and App Incentive Fund will be burned.

This rapid burning mechanism is further fueled by the participation of users in games, as the Pot contains tokens from the App Incentive Fund as well as contributions from all players.

The more users engage in games, the faster the burning process occurs. The burned tokens are permanently removed from the overall token supply.

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