🎁How do I get one?

Get a Pamp Da Wallet

Pamp Da Wallet stands as a prestigious offering exclusively reserved for the top 300 holders of the PAMP token.

A snapshot of token holdings will be meticulously captured by June 6, 2024 (Snapshot date).

Subsequently, the Pamp Da Coin team will diligently distribute a unique NFT to each qualifying holder within the top 300.

Upon receipt of the NFT, users are invited to visit PhygitalX, where they can initiate the process to claim their physical NFC-enabled Pamp Da Wallet, corresponding to the NFT they have received.

This seamless integration of digital and physical assets ensures a holistic and rewarding experience for token holders.

To further enhance user experience, the shipping process for the physical NFC Pamp Da Wallets will be expertly managed by Bacoor Company, a trusted entity based in Japan. From packaging to delivery, users can rest assured that their Pamp Da Wallet will be handled with care and precision every step of the way.

This collaboration underscores our commitment to providing top-tier services and rewarding our esteemed token holders with a tangible and innovative offering.

We look forward to delivering an unparalleled experience as we usher in the era of Pamp Da Wallet.

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